Shaping the future of Australasia’s favourite hardware and homeware brands

Our story

We are the driving force behind some of Australasia’s most loved hardware and homeware brands. With an unwavering commitment, we have earned our reputation as the go-to supplier for leading retailers, embracing modern manufacturing so we can deliver the best in design.

We don’t just keep pace with evolving consumer needs. Together, we shape them.

Our brands

Alike in passion and success, together, our remarkable brands are leading suppliers in the Australian and New Zealand home improvement and decorating industries, with a growing presence around the globe in specific markets.


Our multi-faceted company began its production and distribution footprint with hand-made paint brushes, pioneering revolutionary synthetic filament technology that moved the Australian market away from natural bristle – a game changer for the industry. We continued to evolve and expand, incorporating affordable DIY kitchens and cabinetry solutions into the mix, along with storage, organisation and furnishing products and solutions.

Sustainability at the core

As an organisation, we are conscious of our environmental and social impact and are taking steps toward building a better tomorrow. Our approach is to think sustainably in all that we do, from the materials we source to product design and manufacturing processes, to the methods we use to transport our products to our customers.